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    First, i thought it was just a coincidence, then, i saw that the number of visits varied on the number of posts i posted on that day.
    For example, i posted 7 posts one day, and got 50 visits, the other day, i didn’t post anything and just updated my posts, and i got no visits…
    Please help…
    Is this just a coincidence or something else,
    Because it could really help my visits go up…. hopefully…..


    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not clear about what you are questioning. There is currently no way to track unique visitors to a blog for users via the in house program. What is being tracked is page views.
    If you want to encourage targeted readers to find your blog follow these steps


    The stats vary on you posts because the different amount of readers each post receives.

    Note: RSS subscribers and your visits do not count.

    Follow TimeThief’s advice there.

    And happy holidays!



    oh, so its just a coincidence then…
    Okay thanks….



    NOT just a coincidence. The more you post, the more people will be attracted to your blog. The more you post, the more information goes out in your feed, telling people you have new stuff. The more you post, the more frequently you appear on the global tag pages and in technorati.

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