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    Several times now, I’ve made posts on various threads and I can’t tell if they appear to others or not.

    Case in point. I just replied on this thread, but it didn’t show as though I did on the thread topic list.

    Within the thread, the stats shows as:

    This topic has 8 posts
    2 posters
    Latest reply from timethief

    when in reality, there are 9 posts from 3 posters and mine was the latest.

    Some kind of timing issue or Spam filter?

    It happened on a thread or two yesterday also.



    Hey there,
    Log out and then view the threads in question. If you can’t see your comment when you are logged out then it’s in the spam filter.

    P.S. re: the thread you indicate above
    I have already posted everything was to say into that thread.


    ^^ Yes, but we were apparently posting at the same time since yours wasn’t there when I started, hence the close timestamps.

    Can you see my last post after yours there?

    I’m just trying to figure out why this happens in case it continues to.



    No I cannot see any comments by you in that thread and to be honest I didn’t expect to see any. I said everything there was to say – no help needed thanks.


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    I just fished you out of the spam filter. Just in case that makes a difference as to whether you will be caught again.

    It’s something that happens for reasons I cannot explain. It happens a lot to timethief, but she posts a lot. It also happens to some non-spamming first-time users.

    If you modlook the thread and tag “notawoodpecker invisible” I might see it to fish you out. But I’m a volunteer, and have a life away from these forums, so I may not see it right away. Usually I check over here a few times per day…


    ^^ OK, cool. I just didn’t understand what was happening. Just one of those things I guess. Seems like I’ve noticed it when I post at the same time as someone else.


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    I fished out your comments. I monitor the forum tags for “modlook” but if a thread is not marked, then I won’t see it easily. It’s helpful to add to the tags that you are invisible.

    There was a day or two recently when almost ever post I made was spammed… happens to us all.


    It’s helpful to add to the tags that you are invisible.

    But when you’re invisible, nothing posts. Not sure if tags do or not.

    Thanks anyways.


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    No, you can add tags. Timethief does it all the time.



    When you are “invisible” your posts are still there – it is that nobody else but you can see them

    Also a bit tricky but if you make a post and you are spammed then the post counter will go up by one but the previous poster will show as the last poster not you – but it is a bit tricky sometimes to see and catch things that way


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    Yes, the posts are there. But unless the thread is tagged modlook, I won’t know to check.

    As a volunteer, I don’t have time to read every thread in these forums ≥^!^≤ .

    But you should still be able to add tags.

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