Question about website builder tools.

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    I was just wondering if the website building tools offered are capable of putting together a wiki.


    Hi –

    Possibly. Can you share more details about the project? What size and scale?


    Hello again,

    Essentially the plan is to build a wiki to share information about a particular video game. (This would mean it doesn’t need to be a vast network of categories and pages.)

    Ideally being able to edit these pages without needing to provide my collaborators with backend access would be great.

    I’d also like to have to have a sort of “home page” for our community, attached to the wiki.

    If this sounds doable with the WordPress tools available, let me know

    Thank you.



    That can be done, but you’ll need a wiki plugin.

    To use plugins here, you’ll need a Business or eCommerce plan:


    Hello again,

    Thank you very much for the information. This will work out great.


    Write back if you run in to any other questions. Happy to help.

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