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Question about wordpress pages and associated template files

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am a bit confused about how wordpress pages work and template files. I have a few questions about wordpress pages and template files. The url of my wordpress site is and the theme I am using is bluefantasy.

    My first question is what template file gets brought up if I type in the browser and press enter? page.php or index.php or both or some other template file?

    My next question is if I created the home page content from the page editing creating area and created a permalink for it in wordpress rather than doing it all in the index.php file will there be a difference in positioning and styling?

    The reason why I am asking these questions is because if I have the homepage link as the url link to the website the homepage functions as it should. If I however change the homepage link to a permalink to wordpress page generated in the wordpress page creation editor the hover text doesn't appear behind the product boxes when you hover over them as it should.

    I appreciate if someone could help me with this as soon as possible. It is an urgent matter.

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