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    One of the options in the Settings –> Writing configuration area is:

    WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically

    What does this setting do? Does it alter actual pages or posts, or does it correct the nesting of comments?

    The blog I need help with is


    It will correct any HTML errors that might creep into your posts or pages and keep your blog compliant with web standards. It has nothing to do with comments.

    I suggest to everyone that they have that activated. It can save a lot of grief.



    Thanks for the quick reply! As a note, I’m pretty sure it’s not enabled by default.


    You’re welcome, and no it is not, and I’m confused as to why they do not have it enabled by default. Its a good thing.



    That could be because some sites really botch the job when trying to “interfere” with the HTML you’ve written – adding extra (unnecessary – empty, even!) paragraph tags, etc. This could tend to make people gun-shy of allowing any site to so much as touch the code, let alone take a well-intentioned and highly crafted sledgehammer to it. (:


    The wordpress thing seems to do a very good job, and I’ve noticed that it really keeps the W3C validation clean when people have it selected. It is particularly good at keeping missing ending tags from becoming an issue.



    Ah, the elusive missing ending tags… I always wondered where they went. Kudos to WordPress for having a supply of them on hand. (:

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