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Question: any other sports bloggers or sports fans on the forums?

  1. You're right Rain, I'm not a fan.
    But... if kstafford ever wished to guest a piece at my site, I'd happily let him write on 'The Sport Of Kings'...

  2. Wow! What an honor, sir! I truly thank you from deep within my soul. In truth, I'd flatter myself to think I could produce something worthy of posting on your site. I am still much the amateur and could only hope to aspire towards such lofty honors at the moment.

  3. My god....the tapestry brought to life!

  4. Geez... I hope your response was tongue-in-cheek man...
    I certainly got a giggle out of it!

    So, are you interested?

  5. Malice - I'm very interested and would be honored to do so. I was being a bit tongue in cheek, but it is true that you are a much more experienced and accomplished blogger compared to me......I've only been in the "lifestyle" since 11/18/07 to be honest. I would probably prefer to wait until nearer the Kentucky Derby as the racing action is a little dead this time of year.

    Rain- got your comment that my triple crown video didn't work for you and that you received the message "video not hosted" on youtube. Can you kindly double check that again? Just trying to do some trouble shooting here. I've had 5 other people confirm for me that they have no trouble accessing it on the site. If something is broke I want to try and fix it. Considering those videos are some of my favorite creations, I'm trying to ensure they are available for the admittedly tiny sampling of people that may be interested in them. Oh yes, and for the record I'll be ordering a mushroom pizza tonight in honor of your Japanese movie celebration!

  6. Works fine for me now. I bet it was YouTube's scheduled maintenance.

    Enjoy the pizza, but know the consequences of eating the wrong kind of mushroom!

  7. In terms of sports blogs, there is also Iain Dale's West Ham blog, although he's not much of a forum-dweller.

  8. And of course... there's Fark.

    Got my 5th Fark ever today.

  9. Wow. I've never been Farked, and yet, I'm so Farkable!!!

  10. Yup, I got a Video Fark Link.
    I've had a few rugby ones, and one basketball one too.

  11. /wakes from deep snoring/

    Did somebody mention West Ham ? A 'fark' of a good team, as we say in East London.

    (Except for losing this weekend, obviously).

    /resumes deep snoring/

  12. Well... it wasn't me.

  13. roadsofstone26

    [hangs Cockney head in sorrow]

    Phew. For a moment there, withmalice, I thought you might just have mentioned the New Year's Day football results.

    But even with your advantage of a few hours' time difference ahead of Greenwich, the game still hadn't happened when you posted.

    West Ham 0 Arsenal 2.

    But maybe there's still a (small) chance that you won't ever find out...

    [/hangs cockney head in sorrow]

  14. I kinda like sports...But only playing them!

  15. I'm an NBA fan and have a Fantasy Basketball BLOG
    I know my blog is not specifically a sports blog per se but it's pretty much a decent cousin of a regular NBA blog, I suppose.

  16. Muhahaha Stone... (semi-gunners fan here)

    Good to see another NBA fan points. I post quite a bit on the NBA, where amazing happens! ;)

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