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    Is there anyway within free usage of wordpress for me to have the category widget show only certain categories? I have several category widgets each with its own topic and within that topic I want it to drop down to categories in relation to only that widget topic. For example, at the top of one category drop down menu will be “Bible” and it only shows categories of the bible, while one called “Astrology” would only reveal categories on that. The way it’s set up right now, each category widget shows EVERY category, which is not what I want. I want to select which ones each widget displays so that I have a hierarchy.

    At first I thought this was possible using the hierarchy option in the categories settings but the hierarchys themselves do not appear on the page. I expected you to be able to click on the parent topic and then the other categories would drop down from it.

    Thanks for your help! ^^

    The blog I need help with is


    As you’ve found out, the Categories widget displays all categories assigned to published posts. To achieve what you’re looking for, you can take advantage of the Links widget (turn your category URLs into links via dashboard sidebar > Links > Add New, and assign each link to the appropriate link category), or you can create a custom list of links using html in a text widget.

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