question for masters. were are mine quick tags, and other stuff.

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    I have just a small question. I set up wordpress on my server.
    I redesign it, I can write, I can share and even I can post by email and macjournal.
    But what I can not find is how to upload photos to my posts? I completely missing quiktags, and plugins wich are installed, active and still are not apearing in dashboard or page where you can write posts.
    why is that? because I use mac?

    I would preciate, if you give me a guidance how to just write a peace of code, so I can have my photos somewhere else on the internet and just have them appearing in my posts. My ISP has a database limit. only 50MB that sucks ;(
    thanks a lot



    For WordPress you host elsewhere:
    Lots of help there :)

    (50meg DB limit? That’s fine – just don’t run stats)

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