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Question for wordpress developers

  1. whatdirectdemocracymightbe

    Can WordPress add a number in parentheses to their tab, which, like email and Facebook tabs, indicates that a comment or a message -- let alone a view -- has registered?
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  2. Exactly where do your want this number to be added please?

  3. whatdirectdemocracymightbe

    I was asking whether or not it would be possible for the same number enclosed within parentheses to appear on an open wordpress tab at the top of the screen -- as on twitter when tweets arrive, or facebook when comments are posted. I'm guessing the answer is no; since I now have to renew my stats page in order to find that there have been more views. It would just be nice if a tally in parentheses kept me apprised at the top of the screen.

  4. Aha! ... I think you mean notifications. This thread is flagged to be moved to the Ideas Forum.

  5. whatdirectdemocracymightbe

    Yes. Sorry, not very tech savvy. Thank you.

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