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Question from a beginner -> sorry

  1. Sorry, I'm a beginner in this forum as well... So first I had a problem with my whole layout after having changed my theme: it appeared all mixed up on the blog - but I could resolve that problem by copypasting the whole CSS-text from one of my other blogs.

    Only now I realised that my header-image is still not appearing (even though it appears on the preview) and my undertitle is gone as well. It's shurely a very easy question for you, but for me it's as a matter of fact quite hard to handle... ;-) Thank you!

  2. (1) customized header image - css edited blog
    When you css customize your blog the upload for customized headers will no longer work. You must place the header image in the css.

    (2) missing tagline
    Some themes do not have taglines. The Pool theme you have chosen does not have one.

  3. Oh, well, great... So I still need to learn a loooooot. Thank you!

  4. You're welcome. :)

  5. Just a last question: Where best to read about how to do that? Only if you have time to tell me ;-)

  6. There are css resources listed in the FAQs

    There are also resources posted in the sticky posts at the head of the css customization forum:
    READ ME FIRST: What is Custom CSS?
    Learning about CSS
    Getting Started with Custom CSS

    Aside from that, although there is no staff support for learning css, if you get stuck, the professionals who are css experts, do drop in to the forum from time to time and help out.
    HTH :)

  7. I see, so I'm going to read a lot. Thank you!!!

  8. You're welcome. Hopefully a css expert will cruise in soon and make your reading time shorter. ;)

  9. well, at least I found out how to change the header accidentally - just by the first try. so, who knows...

  10. YAY! Good for you. :)

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