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    I would like to set specific posts on my blog to stop accepting new comments. These are older posts that may be more than 2 years old, but as they deal with topics that may be controversial, drive-by comments that just rehashes existing comments. Unchecking the “Allow comments on this post” checkbox in the Discussion section of the post hides existing comments but I still want existing comments to be displayed as there is intelligent insight.

    Help anyone? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    There’s an option in the Comments section of the Dashboard that allows you to automatically close comments on articles older than a number of days that you choose. I’ve never used it but you could try it as it might be what you’re looking for.



    Thanks, I’m aware of that but its not what I’m looking for though as it completely hides all comments as well but I still want existing comments to be displayed.


    You can turn comments off on posts older that X days at settings > dicussion and the comments will continue to show.

    It’s under “Other comment settings.”

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