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Question is: who owns the content of the blog. Can I use my blog in a book ?

  1. Hi,
    Just need to clarify something about the content of the blogs. The blog I am working on presently (first) contains material which I am using in a book I am working on. In fact when I get it right I intend to use that as it is in the book. Is this against the rules if the book were to be published? Do I own the content of what I post on here?
    Thankyou for helping me,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Copyright is automatically vested in the creator. You own any content the you personally created. You may post excerpts from your future book but do consider that once you do post them anyone can quote them too provided they correctly attribute the quotes to yourself.

  3. Thankyou Timethief! very good to hear that.

  4. You're welcome.

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