Question: Moving blog to hosting provider?

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    I have a question on a WordPress-blog.

    My current webhosting provider is offering WordPress Hosting.
    They say that the site – on their servers – load faster, better appraochable etc.

    However, what happens with the Custom Design CSS Upgrade that has been purchased? Will this be lost, can it be transferred or something other?



    Yes it will be lost. CSS editing is theme specific. the themes here at are not transferable to installs as the two run on different software. Even themes with the same names are coded to run on with one software or the other.

    See here for instructions for moving content out of a free hosted blog to a install.

    P.S. I’m also LOL at the notion that any web host would provide better support for WordPress and faster page loading time loading and more servers than provides. :D That’s patently untrue.

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