question on buying own domain for site, benefits?

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    Hello all, I really hope I am posting in the right area, if not I am so sorry. My question is, well yesterday after reading some information found on the forum, i decided to buy my own domain plus mapping and privatization on the wordpress store. My blog is still on the site as I had been reading going off on your own to .org can be very hard and frustrating unless you know what you are doing. My goal is , it could even be 10 years from now, is to have my blog on my self hosted site , and am able to make enough money per month to at the least pay for my self hosting, through ads or whatever. I was just wondering even though I bought this domain through wordpress, will it be possible for me to one day transfer and move everything to my own self hosted site, while being able to keep my domain still and my following?Also I was just wondering what general benefits do I really get from buying a domain for my free site, asI was reading from Timetheif who is very expert around here what a good idea it was.
    Also sorry one more thing I know my domain has now changed when i look at my site url to, but when i look in settings, account, in primary account it still shows as Sorry I know that was a lot. I can assure you I’m not being lazy though and just writing instead of researching, I have been researching about all this a lot.

    The blog I need help with is


    please can someone help?!


    Member – loads fine for me to a WordPress.COM blog

    You get better identity – more class with the new domain name

    You will always see when you are logged into your dashboard – that is the way domain mapping works

    If you move to your own host you can take the domain name with you – all the old bookmarks that your visitors have will still work

    If you get a lot of traffic here you can signup for the Word Ads program and maybe make a few dollars – but you need something like 1,000 page views a day to make Word Ads (or any other Ad programs) pay

    You can take all your content with you – just export it from here and import it to your new site

    that should help you a bit


    awww thank you so so much auxclass!I truly appreciate it! You have helped me so much know for certain what is going on. And in account under primary blog where it says web address. I changed it from to that is alright to do? Anyways thank you sooo much for all your help:) Off to check out your wonderful blog …



    Yes, that is the right thing to do.

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