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    Okay, so I am kinda new to and I have a question about customizing my CSS.

    All I have is a free blog from I have upgraded for domain mapping, but that is the only upgrade I have.

    I was hoping to accomplish two things:

    1. Find a way to make the text in my posts “Justified” (instead of aligned to the left), and
    2. I think the only way to accomplish this “justified” feature is to change my CSS code. However, am I correct in the assumption that one can only change their CSS if they have upgraded to a Premium Theme? (In other words, I can’t change my CSS, and therefore I can’t “justify” my text!?).


    The blog I need help with is


    You do not need to buy a premium theme to be able to use your own CSS. For that you want to get the Custom Design upgrade –

    That being said, justify is one of those tricky customizations where your results may not be exactly as you expect. Luckily, before you buy, you can Preview your CSS by going to Dashboard, Appearance, Custom Design. Try your CSS code for justify on several of your pages and look for unintended consequences like odd character spacing on short lines, etc.

    For example, your code in your CSS would be something like

    p {text-align: justify} to justify all of your paragraphs.

    If you like your results, you can buy the custom design upgrade.

    If you would like to be more specific and choose the paragraphs you want justified, you don’t need the Custom Upgrade if you are willing to style each paragraph you want justified. To do so, use the text editor feature to use the inline style for justify. For example, start paragraphs that you want justified with <p style=”text-align: justify;” > and end with </p>.


    You can justify text inside posts and pages without a Custom Design upgrade, see #3 at



    Thank you very much. I tried using the:

    <p style=”text-align: justify;” > and end with </p>

    before, and it didn’t seem to work. However, I tried it again and it did. I must have typed / coded it wrong!? Who knows.

    I also couldn’t find the “Full” justification button on the text editor bar, but I finally realized I had not fully expanded it. Now I see it (not sure why its not next to the others). Either way, I feel like a bone-head now….I was too close to the forest to see the trees.

    Thank you very much for the help!!

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