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Question on "current issue" help

  1. Some Spanish blogs have been having the blogroll-categories-headers problems. There seem to be nobody on the Spanish forum to help these guys. I've been telling them that this is a spread problem and have a little patience.

    Question is; Since it's been announced more than once that the problems are fixed, and they aren't yet, should these guys simply wait for the fix or should they post their URLs in one of the threads here? Maybe a special Spanish thread for this matter?

    I ask this because most of them are not able to explain in English what their particular issues are...

  2. Best bet is post the URL's and as much information as possible in this thread:

    Make sure they post 'exactly' what is not there because if they don't, staff are not able to fix the problems.


  3. May they post what's not there in Spanish?

  4. Hate to be a party pooper, but best is to use to translate prior to posting, but then make sure the categories are exact (not translated) to be literal. The other way would be to start a thread in the spanish forums on that issue and then link it in the sticky in this forum and once you have done that, staff will be aware.


  5. Makes sense. Thanks a lot, Trent. In case I do the second way, how do I "link it in the sticky in this forum"? I confess my deep ignorance....

  6. Just copy and paste the link as a new reply to that sticky thread should do it!


  7. Ok, thanks a lot again! : )

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