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    I have a another blog who’s domain name has been rerouted to wordpress. I want to completely customize this site. Do I need to upgrade ($99) or is there a way to go through without being charged(downloading wordpress…creating database and user…uploading files, etc)? Also, anything special I need to do regarding domain name because it is being rerouted to wordpress?

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    The blog I need help with is


    Either way it is going to cost $$.

    If you download the wordpress.ORG software, you have to have somewhere to install it, which means you will have to secure third-party hosting. Self-hosting a site, all things considered, will cost you about $10 to $25 per month depending on your requirements. This would give you the most freedom as you would not have to pay to tinker with the CSS and you could even “hack” the theme PHP script files (if you have that knowledge).

    If you have already mapped your domain name to a blog here, you can get the CSS upgrade for $30 per year.

    The $99 pro upgrade includes a domain and mapping, and you already have those, so you would be buying stuff you did not need. If however you needed the other items in the value bundle, it would end up being cheaper in the long run to buy the value upgrade.

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