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    How do I get Hemingway to show only one full post per page — rather than excerpts of two?

    I would like the bottom bar to be smaller and just show the single newest post on the home page.




    The only way to alter this theme is to purchase and upgrade and then css customize if you intend to continue to have a free blog here (assuming what you want to alter is in the css). If you choose to self host or to get a web host then you can also alter the theme.
    Information on the first option can be found here
    More information on the latter option is here



    I’m afraid you can’t rewrite the theme here to display one full post. That’s how the theme is written. If you were able to make changes, since we’re on a shared environment, you would be making the changes for every body using that theme and them to you as well. You could do it if you had complete control over your blog if you were using the WordPress software and hosted elsewhere though.

    I would need to see your blog to answer the second question. Sizes are probably defined in your CSS but I can’t tell you which ones unless I see them.


    here’s a link to a blog i’m playing w/using hemingway.

    i LOVE hemingway’s cleanliness and crispness, but the posts end just 7 lines in. i guess modifying the number of lines before the post goes to the “[…]” would in effect push the bottom bar down further (that was really the purpose of me wanting to move the bottom bar down).

    do you know other themes as crisply white that will give me the options i’m looking for? i looked at whiteasmilk and some others, but was thinking maybe there are other themes w/a “turn white” option i don’t know about. (similarly, hemingway was black by default, but i noticed the white option in the prefs).

    thanks again,

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