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Question on Posting and Multiple Pages

  1. I'm looking into using WordPress again and I was wondering if an idea I have is possible. It's like this:

    1. The site would be called Wynter At Large and the first page you see has all the latest content from my site, regardless of topic.

    2. Some pages will separate the post by topic/categories. Example: A page titled "Wynter At The Movies" which will show all the post I have written that are movie reviews. Another page, titled "Wynter At The Bookstore" has all my book reviews I have written.

    3. Am I making any sense? Is this called pinning posts to a page.

  2. Is this called pinning posts to a page.

    Not really - what you are looking for is a standard blog here

    1) everything on the front page - Standard here !!!!!!!!!!!

    the rest - it is sorting by category (assign categories to Posts) then using a Custom Menu to have the Categories display for your visitors

    Easy to do - custom menus are a bit tricky but not too bad

  3. Thank you for the info!

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