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question re: other blogs

  1. aside from the 30 or so listed on my home link, how can I view a directory of all the other wordpress blogs? I've been looking for 2 days and haven't found a directory that would list all the blogs ...

  2. With 170,000+ blogs, that would be one big directory.

  3. so, you need a directory of all 188 000 .com blogs? ;-)

    you can use either a search engine query ' keywords', or a famous .com 'Global Tags' feature (see a 'Tags' link on this page header).

  4. I'm sitting here trying to come up with a Google search that would pull them up but can't remember how to get just home pages of sites. Hitting 6.5+ million pages. Lots of fun.

    You can try Best Blog if you want. They're looking for submitters as well.

    I usually do right clicks off of the 20 listed on the bottom of the Dashboard when I'm board.

    There's also a list of the top 100 blogs here somewhere but I'm drawing a blank and can't find it.

  5. thanks for the tips on searching... and yes, it would be a large directory ;) There are just so many that aren't the "biggest and baddest and most upcoming and most comments" that would probably prove to be a good read and finding them is not that easy.

    Thanks :) *heads to google, yet again hehehe*

  6. and hey - at least I didn't get a "search for it" linked message from dr :P fresh question from fresh meat!

  7. You could always get yourself on a map I started using Google Earth:

    Email me info :)

  8. sent :) and as I said in the message - you were just showing off your cool contact me form *pokes and laughs*

  9. ' -archive' works too of course.

    And you could prolly fine-tune that some more.

    Funny how Scoble gets top ranking again though...

  10. ...and it's the signup page over at instead of the home page.

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