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    ive got 5 posts up on my front page so i might be presumtive right now but im concerned the overall length of the page. is there a way to make the posts not show up on the front page but still have them on the site? like a way i can link to previous entries? will the site do it automatically once i post past a certain amount of entries or each month?



    The front page will only ever show the number of posts that you specify in your blog Admin -> Options -> Reading. There is a link for previous entries on that main page once you have more than that number of posts in your blog. Posts are also archived by month, so adding the archive widget in your Admin => Presentation -> Widgets is also a way to show your previous posts.




    great! thanks a bunch!



    I have the same concern. I discovered that I can control the number of posts on my front page, and that is helpful. However, it would be useful to be able to display a large number of posts, but only a short clip of each of them, such as the first couple lines. Each short clip would be expandable upon clicking on the title.

    Does this option exist?




    (1) How to control the number of posts on your front page
    Using any theme we can change the number of posts that appear on the front page easily and do that as frequently as we wish. -> Options -> Reading
    Blog Pages
    Show at most:___posts

    Simply change the number of posts and click “Update Options”.

    (2) Themes displaying only excerpts of posts
    Themes that are coded to display only excerpts are frequently the preferred tools of sploggers and spammers. We have no such themes here at

    The closet you can come to displaying only excerpts and forcing your readers to click twice to read a post so you get double the stats is to use the Fadtastic theme. It displays the most recent post fully and for all others it provides only linked titles to posts.



    @sargonn – you could also use the “more” tag in your post. However, be aware that using that causes the post to be cut off in RSS readers.



    Good catch Vivian. :)

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