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    Hello everyone,

    I hope my post is not too confusing as I am rather new to

    The situation is as follows: I purchased the Pro package for a blog and chose a Domain without “” in it (let’s call it But now I have realized that I can also map an existing domain to my blog that I have registered myself. This would be great, because I’d very much like an e-mail address with the same domain as my blog.

    So now, my question is: can I “delete” the domain I use at the moment from wordpress, then register it through a normal registrar and route that to the blog? That way I could have e-mail addresses and the blog under the same domain without changing the address of the blog for too long.

    Or to put it differently: if I switch back to, will become available to register normally?

    Thanks a lot – if you have any questions to clarify, please go ahead an ask.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    If the idea here is to also have email using the domain you bought on, there’s the Email Forwarding feature:

    Full email hosting is also possible with some options:

    The above solutions work with you not having to move the domain out of



    Hello! You lot have just about convinced me to Upgrade! However, is there a coupon floating somewhere in the blogoshpere? Also I relish the idea of video integration back on my site as well as my own domain name.
    Here is my question: Is there a way to produce like “Thank you” notes or cards that could go from here at WP to the intended person? I know that my email is registered. I just need a way to say Thanks to the people who follow and subscribe to my blog.
    Very, very much like your or European/Australian “With Compliments” msgs. Thanx in advance, celebrating my 7th year!!

    j. paul.



    Nope, no coupons as far as we are aware.

    Do you have a question about the videopress upgrade?

    If you have the email addresses of your subscribers, you can email them a thank you.



    Or you can make a Post where you say thanks for everyone – maybe point out some special things to you etc – the Post & link will automatically be sent to all the subscribers



    Thanks hafizr – that was helpful, didn’t know that was possible – but still I’d like to manage domain hosting and Mail hosting myself via an external provider / registrar. Does anyone know if that’s possible the way I asked for in the first post?





    @upvalue So I take it that what you’re trying to do is:

    1) Move the domain bought from to another domain registrar

    2) Afterward, manage email hosting externally

    The documentation for moving domain is available here and here

    Technically, to do this you do not revert to and then re-purchase the domain elsewhere. Instead, you still own the domain until the next time it expires, but you transfer the business part of managing it elsewhere (without having to pay again for the domain, usually, although there might be some transferring fee depending on the registrar you use).

    Finally, I’ve notified the Staff about this thread. I think it’s best if one of them can guide you in more detail about this :) Please wait until one of them replies.



    Hello Marvin!

    Ditto on Hafiz’s suggestion. You may move a domain you purchased with us to a different registrar if you feel it allows you more flexibility in managing your emails.

    However, for new domains, there is a 60-day holding period before a transfer can be made. Your domain has about 30 more days to go before it can be transferred.

    I wouldn’t recommend deleting your domain to quicken the process, as it may give you a much more difficult time trying to get it back.

    In the meantime, you may want to go for email forwarding:

    or full email hosting:

    Let me know if you have more questions!


    We don’t currently have a feature that lets you send messages to your subscribers’ email addresses. However, you may want to look into building your own newsletter and providing a contact form where interested visitors can sign up.

    Thank you @hafizr and @raincoaster!


    Andrew D.



    Thanks a lot, druesome, raincoaster and hafizr – that was very helpful! I’ll go through my options and see what suits my needs best – maybe even the Email Forwarding will be sufficient as the least stressful way of having an Email address matching the blog domain.

    Cheers, all the best!



    No problem Marvin! Good luck! :)

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