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Question Regarding Theme of blog

  1. Creating a new blog and looking at themes.

    There are some themes that I like the format of, but the picture at the top of the theme (such as NY city, etc) doesn't match my blog. Can you use the theme of the blog and change the top picture?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. you should be able to go to "appearance" and then "header" to change the header image if the theme allows it.

  3. Thanks for response. Is there anyway to know if the theme allows it before you spend 60-70 on one?

  4. it should be in it's description, if not contact the maker. I am sure that a paid theme will allow you to customize images at the minimum.

  5. what's the theme in question?

  6. Wasn't a specific one - there were a few that I liked that had pictures at the top that had nothing to do with my blog - but I liked the overall format if I could change the top picture.

    Thanks for your help - much appreciated.

  7. i would guarantee that you can. again... the description of the theme will say what can be customized or not. good luck!

  8. You can use the theme search filter and select for Custom header.

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