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    In the “CLICK” section of my analytics, I noticed the following link:


    I am aware that wordpress “may” place ads on wordpress uploads. Is this one of yours?

    When I researched the link, it appears that the link is associated with malware and viruses. I want to find the link and remove it, but I do not know which of my wordpress uploads it is on.

    Do you know of a simplified way I could find it?

    The blog I need help with is peopleofyahuwah.wordpress.com.



    Usually this is because you hotlinked an image from somewhere else. If you put the URL in a google search of your site the post should turn up, eg put this into the search box on Google:

    youradexchange.com site: peopleofyahuwah.wordpress.com

    If it doesn’t show any results, then it’s nothing you did; if someone with a malware-infected browser is on your blog, the malware shows them ads and links and if they click on one it shows up in your click list.

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