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    For the first time I’m noticing a referrer to my blog by a site called When I clicked on the link to see what it was all about it said, “this site may harm your computer”. Should I be worrying about this? I’ve been reading some older questions about the same topic, submitted about a year ago, and it all looks, not only harmless, but helpful to us bloggers. But that message has me concerned.

    The blog I need help with is



    9 in a row, congrats! Is that a new record?


    With the warning, I would definitely say to stay away from them. This is the first time I’ve heard of a warning coming from their site, but then again you never know. In my opinion all they do is inflate stats without really bringing you any real new traffic.



    Thanks so much for your input. I wonder how I stay away from a referrer though. I guess, just not click on the link? I’ll check out the link you posted though: )



    Here’s the warning message I get: screenshot



    Sorry, wrong link. Correct: screenshot


    If you do every link shown has the warning.

    I wonder if they were hacked? They are a PITA (my opinion) but I never thought of them as “evil.”



    It does seem as if the warning is new since none of the other comments I read mentioned it. Since there is a warning, though, I wonder how (or why?) anyone would actually go to the site to be referred through. (Does that make sense?) Just curious about that one. No real need for an answer. I guess it can’t cause a problem for me unless I go into the site (which I won’t). Thanks for your responses. Greatly appreciated.



    I’m not getting that warning and I also clicked on one of their links titles What Is AlphaInventions and it took me to their blog. I wonder if you were right with the hacked comment and they’ve fixed it.



    Yeah, that happened to me too!


    Google still has a warning up for all links to their entire site. I would still stay completely away from them.



    I’m not getting that warning

    That’s because if you use Windows, are probably using Internet Explorer. If you use a Mac, then you’re probably using Opera or Camino. Those browser won’t show the warning.

    If you used Firefox, Chrome or Safari, then you’d be warned. If you use Windows, it’d be recommended to use Firefox or Chrome instead because you’d get warnings on malicious sites which could infect your computer.



    The warning is still showing (17.20 UTC).

    I think they’ve been hacked. probably disgruntled bloggers! AI are a pain the butt normally, but harmless. And, of course, you can’t ask them to delete your blog now, as you can normally.

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