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  1. I have two questions:
    1) How do I change the banner? I forgot.
    2) Can you change the banner in the Vermilion style?

  2. Have you done a search of the forum for the answers? Try that first.

  3. Oh, but then I have to look through like 20 pages of uneless stuff.
    I need a reply D:

  4. Vermilion's header cannot be changed except with the CSS upgrade, and it isn't simply a matter of changing the link as part of the header image is contained in the background for the post area.

    DON'T buy the CSS upgrade if you don't have experience with it. There isn't any official support for it, and few here in the forums that are very experienced with it. Learn something about CSS first and use the free preview function in the edit CSS page to test your changes before buying.

  5. Why do you think WE want to sift through 20 pages of useless stuff to help you if you don't want to do it yourself?

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