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    I understand that advertising isn’t allowed on I am a writer, and hopefully soon I will have a book published. My blog is directed as being an author (and nothing else). What if I have a link directing readers where to purchase my book (ex:, is that still considered advertising on my blog? However, I won’t have people purchasing items directly on my site. Could you please tell me if it would be okay to direct people onto other sites (to purchase) a book I publish, and they order through that site.

    The blog I need help with is


    This has generally been the policy for as long as I’ve been here (4.5 years).

    There is no problem with authors linking to their own book on Amazon, etc., or with people linking to an Etsy shop where they sell things that they actually create (paintings, crafts, jewelry, etc.). You “create” a book, so it falls in the same category.

    If the sole purpose of the blog was to sell the book (one page with the book and an about page and nothing else), then that would probably not fly. As long as it is a real blog with posts and such and you also have your book on there with links to where people can buy it, then you will be fine.

    You can always verify this with staff as well using the contact form at .


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    Also note, that Borders is gone. They started in my town, and their headquarters were here, now empty… so sad.

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