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    I am trying to customize my blog. I like the ones where you can do a custom background and a custom header, and I’m really grateful that WP has been adding more of those. However: every time I add a custom background (have tried it with Modularity Lite, Koi, & Wu Wei most recently but a few others) the table with my main text goes transparent. I don’t want this! I want my tables to be normal & my background to just be on the edges. Is there ANY theme that will do this, or any way to correct it from being transparent on the mentioned themes?

    The only one I’ve found that *kinda* works is the them “Bueno.” But, the problem with it is that it has a header that won’t go away or be customized. It automatically puts my blog title & menu in black text, which doesn’t work with the black background I want to use. When I go to “Header” options, I can upload my own header but it just goes under the one automatically put in instead of replacing it. If anyone knows a way to make the automatic disappear or even just change the color font, I would be really grateful.

    The blog I need help with is



    We cannot help at all without a link to the blog, starting with http.


    This all depends on whether the section that contains the posts and sidebar has a declared background color in the CSS. If it does not, then the background image will not be blocked in that area.

    Twenty Ten has a white area for the posts/sidebar as does paperpunch. Those are the only two I’m aware of that do. You can add a background color to the content area, but it would require the paid CSS upgrade and some CSS editing experience.



    I switched to Twenty Ten, thank you Sacred.


    You are welcome. I think you will like that theme. It is clean and has a lot of features.


    1) As a rule, you cannot hide the blog title or change its color if it’s not inside the header image area.

    2) You can add a background color to almost any theme by putting this in a text widget:
    <div style="position:fixed;top:0;left:0;background:#HEX HERE;width:100%;height:100%;z-index:-11;"></div>
    (For hex color codes see here: )


    @panos, I though the position attribute was out now, or was that just for position absolute to keep people from moving text widgets around outside the sidebar?


    “Out” was just a false claim: the attribute is alive and well.


    So, it was a Matt moment that passed. Good to know.



    Do any of the themes allow you to choose how a (non-CSS) background image is positioned? I assume that they are all positioned from the top left by default. It would be possible for fixed-width themes to create an image that contains the solid colour for the content area in the middle and then center align the background image. If this isn’t possible now it might make a good addition.


    You can in at least some of the themes with a custom background, center the image. They also allow you to have it fixed or scroll.

    That is a good idea. I hadn’t thought of that actually. Good thinking Luke.


    I’m not sure I’m following, but anyway: in most themes you can accurately control the horizontal placement (coding needs to be more complicated than the one I gave above), but not the vertical one, as it is affected by the presence or absence of the admin bar. See survey here:
    Plus the result isn’t the same in all browsers.

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