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    Hey all, i just switched from the Monochrome theme to Greyzed as it offered more of what im looking for. Just a few questions for those who may be familiar with this theme.

    1.) Is there a way i can take the pages off the top bar and instead put my categories up there? I did this on my previous theme ‘Monochrome’.

    2.) I have looked everywhere and i can not find the social connection icons such as for youtube, twitter, facebook etc. Do they not come with theme if you use it in It is stated in the theme that they are offered.

    3.) Finally it says that you can put a contact form at the bottom. I cant find the option for this.

    Im wandering if alot of this stuff is due to using the theme on rather then .org? I know plugins are not allowed on however for example the social icons were mentioned as being included within the theme.

    Any help would be fantastic. Thank you so much,


    The blog I need help with is



    oh if its needed here is my blog site:

    Thanks in advance.





    1. Yes, create two custom menus. One for the top position with your categories only, and then one with the custom menu sidebar widget for your pages.

    2. Most people here use for their social media buttons, but wordpress just announced a new twitter tweet button, and there is also the publicize feature.

    3. A search of the support pages for “contact page” or “contact form” would have brought you this. Make sure and enter the code manually (don’t copy and paste) and enter it into the HTML tab. Sometimes if you enter it into the Visual editor, it will not work correctly.



    Your the man. Tysm again :)


    You’re welcome.

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