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questions about importing from blogger

  1. I'm about to become a Blogger escapee! I can't wait.

    I've read the recent threads, and I understand that I have to wait for WordPress to fine-tune the importing tool, so it's compatible new New Blogger. No problem.

    I have two questions.

    1. The reason I'm finally leaving Blogger is because the "upgrade" has left FTP users (blogs with their own, non-blogspot URLs) out in the cold. I can't use any of the new features. (The features that WordPress has had all along!)

    So I before I switch, I want to make sure that I can use my own URL with WordPress and still use the full WordPress platform.

    2. When I change my info with my domain registrar so that my URL points to WordPress, when readers come to my blog, will they see my own URL ( or will it be re-directed to a address?

    Thanks very much.

  2. Welcome to wordpress. You're gonna love it. Yes, you can use you own domain. This thread will be helpful
    As you are new to wordpress some resources are in order to help you become independent and adjust to the changes. This will introduce you to some basic wordpress resources. And this will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.This will will explain the limitations on editing templates at as well as the alternatives.

  3. "Yes, you can use you own domain."

    This is good news!

    A follow-up: I did read the link re domain mapping before I posted my first question. However, a friend said my domain would only be "redirected", i.e., a reader might type in my URL, but once at the site, the address would be a address. Is that incorrect?

    And one more question: Do I first change the domain mapping, and then import my blog from Blogger to WordPress? Or the reverse? Which comes first?

    Thanks for the speedy reply and the helpful links.

  4. I don't know any more than what I shared with you and as this is a holiday I don't expect that you will get a reply from staff until after tomorrow at the earliest.
    may be helpful (in reference to importing procedure).

  5. If you have
    and you map that to
    then regardless of what people type they will see
    in the address bar. It will look no different.

    I would import first. Get all that sorted and then do the domain thing.

  6. Mark, thanks very much. I'm already impressed.

    I guess I'll sit tight and wait for the importing tool to be fine-tuned to New Blogger. Can't wait.

  7. One more question.

    I understand WordPress's importing tool isn't dealing with New Blogger yet. But since I wasn't able to upgrade to Blogger's new template, and nothing much visible changed on my blog except how I log in, I wonder if the importing tool would still work for me?

    Just a thought.

  8. Go for it and see what happens - if it turns into a horrible mess I'll help sort it (though it's almost midnight here for me so I won't be around for much longer).

  9. Thanks for the offer to help, but I won't be doing it tonight anyway. I was just wondering if it was safe to try, or if I was asking for a giant screwup.

    It's a large blog with a lot of comments and I'm afraid of losing content.

  10. @laura613
    Do it tomorrow. Mark can and will help you then. You can make a copy of the exported file just in case for back-up purposes and it's extremely unlikely that you will lose any contents. For tonight think positively and sleep well knowing that wordpress is the best place for bloggers to be. Many other Blogger escapees are here (like me) and more are coming every day. We moved our content successfully with Mark's expert help and you will too. :)

  11. Wow. Thanks.

    For some reason my user ID is displaying instead of my usual display name. Tomorrow I'll try to be L-girl as I usually am.

    Have a great night and thanks again.

  12. Hi, following up on my posts above.

    I just tried to start the importing process, but I was unable to log in.

    At Blogger, I log in with a New Blogger (Google) account, but because I use FTP publishing (non-Blogspot URL) I have the old template.

    Last night Mark said I could try importing - but this morning I wasn't able to begin the process.

    Any ideas?

  13. I see support folks have been around here, so I'm trying again, ever hopeful. Please see above. Thanks.

  14. Hi - sorry!
    You have a new blogger account? If so then as of right now we don't have that importer. I know the old blogger still imports as I did that for a blog a couple of days ago but the new one is not yet done.

    If the login fails then the importer would fail.

  15. As I said earlier, it's a new Blogger account, but with the old Blogger template. You said I should give it a go. Oh well, I'll keep waiting.

  16. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has an idea when the tool to import from New Blogger might be ready? I purchased the CSS upgrade, worked on my theme, and I'm hoping to get my content over to WP soon. Any idea about timeframe?

  17. There's a couple of threads on it. I came up with a workaround that you might want to try.

    Hope this helps,

  18. Thanks. I've been reading all the threads on this topic.

    If a workaround hasn't been tested yet, I'm not comfortable using it. It also seems very complicated to me. I don't even use RSS feeds, so I don't want to start playing around with that. I'd feel better importing my blog through WP's importing feature.

    My question was - and remains: is there any timeframe for having the WP importing tool work with New Blogger?

    As I've mentioned in this thread, I have the Old Blogger template (because I have my own domain name, I was unable to use the new template) but I login through a Google account. My blog is almost exactly the same as it was before the Blogger change, only my login has changed.

    Thanks again.

  19. This cheat of uploading to drmike's wordpress MU site like this one but smaller has been tested and it did work. If it hadn't he would never have shared it.

    My question was - and remains: is there any timeframe for having the WP importing tool work with New Blogger?

    No timeframe has been established. It's on the staff list of things to do.

  20. "If it hadn't he would never have shared it."

    On the link drmike gave for his workaround, he says:

    "Hope this helps. Don't know if it would work. Haven't seen anyone try it yet."

    I was taking him at his word.

  21. Please note the date on that post. We point folks to that post nearly every day. The good thing is that it won't do anything to your old blog like change the template or delete posts. All it does is read the RSS feed.

  22. OK, thanks.

    Based on the user comments in that thread, the workaround seems beyond me. If I can't import my posts and comments, I'll just have to stay with Blogger until WordPress offers a more direct way of importing.

  23. The comments are not going to import with the RSS fix. Hopefully staff will be able to update the importer.

  24. "The comments are not going to import with the RSS fix."

    That's what I thought. My blog is an interactive community. If I can't import the comments, I have to stay at Blogger. I hope that won't be the case.

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