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Questions about Installation

  1. Hello, I've recently downloaded a wordpress blog to use with my website I'm setting up and I'm having a little trouble trying to wrap my head around installation. Do I have to upload every single file that comes with downloaded wordpress folder? My webhost ( doesn't support mass adding of files so I would have to individually enter every single file if the answer to the question is yes.

    I have read the five minute installation but was still a little unsure on how to continue so I thought I would ask here. Any help is appreciated.

  2. Wrong forum.

    Head to .org

  3. Does it really matter? Can someone not answer my question if it's here?

  4. We can't answer your question here since we do no installations here. That is all handled for us by wordpress.COM and we don't know anything about it.

  5. ah okay, thanks for clarifying. :)

  6. @andrewkin
    Yes, it does matter. there are lots of differences between software and software. See >

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