Questions about the $99 upgrade for newbies…

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    If I upgrade my blog from the free blog to the free blog w hosting, video press, no ads, etc… Can I create several blogs or sites with the same features all under the $99 per year?

    The blog I need help with is



    No. The upgrade applies to one blog only and for only one year.



    You can read more about the bundles here:

    Also note that purchasing an upgrade of any lind does not change the fact that the blog is still free hosted by and nothing stated here changes >


    ok thanks for the quick response!



    You’re welcome. These are all the available upgrades which can be purchased individually for one year and for one blog only, and you will want to compare in order to be sure that you actually need what’s in the bundle.


    ok perfect, you’re awesome. I also asked a question about the differences between .com, .net, .me, .org…What are they and do they affect page rank?



    There are many factors that go into page rank and the most importnat ones have nothing to do with what you point to. I’m a Canadian but I choose to have .com domains rather than .ca domains.



    They don’t affect pagerank at all. But most people will put “.com” at the end, just out of reflex. It’s easier for people to find than the others, because people don’t think of them. For a nonprofit, use .org. For a personal site, you could use .me.

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