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    i am a newbie to WP too, and first i need to apologize for my poor grammar.

    about the privacy, in windows live space, i can choose some specific friends and allow them to view my space,

    so there are two questions i’ve got.

    first, is the choosed MSN friends can still view my WP without to register a WP account?

    second, can i invite new friend without inviting them to get WP account?

    i am considering to cancel the WP if i can’t get used to the privacy rule….

    The blog I need help with is



    You can have a private blog see here >

    I would like my blog to be visible only to users I choose – You would use this setting to create a private blog. If selected, another area will appear where you can control which users will be able to log into your blog to read it (those users will only be able to read your blog, they will not get access to your dashboard to edit your blog, please see this section if you want to give people edit access)

    Yes your friends must have username accounts but do not have to register blogs if they do not want them
    Please see here > Users roles
    and here adding users >

    The migration to is permanent. Leaving is your prerogative however, do note that there is no return to Windows Live Spaces which in 6 months time it will no longer exist.



    Also note that there is no invitation service  provided by If you wish to invite a list of your MSN friends you will have to do that by email.

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