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    I’m thinking of changing my theme from Twenty Eleven to Yoko. I read up on all the steps to take before changing themes, but wasn’t able to find answers to these questions:

    1. Does the flag counter lose count? I believe I have to move all my widgets to the inactive box (as I read from timethief’s reply on a previous post), and I’ll need to cut and paste the code back into a text box widget.

    2. I also read that it’s ideal to let visitors know I’ve changed my theme. If so, what’s the best way to do this? If I create a new post, it will over time, move to previous entries.

    3. Does have a maintenance mode of some sort while I make the change? I noticed some lines moved up in some of my posts when I did a live preview.

    I know it’s a lot of work to go back and re-edit each post, so I may have to think this through if I decide to change themes again, later down the road – it will be a lot more editing as I will have added more posts.

    Thanks in advance!!

    The blog I need help with is



    1. no
    2. I disagree with the idea that it’s a necessit to publish a post stating one has changed themes. If you want to invite and act on reader feedback then go ahead and publish a post though.
    3. no and none is required. Changing themes is no big deal. I never make my blog private when I change themes.



    Re no.1: You don’t move your widgets to inactive, they move by themselves if the two themes are differently structured. If that happens when you switch to the new theme, you don’t have to cut and paste the code, you just drag your original text widget from Inactive to Sidebar.

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