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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to blogging all together so naturally I have a few questions I would like to get cleared up. Now, I have searched around the site quite a bit to find the answers I’m looking for but with no success. I apologize if this has all been asked before.

    1) Can I post a link on my blog to another blog, say my Blogger account? Ex. “Check out my other blog as well at…….”

    2) Can I promote my own product on my blog? Like a novel I am currently working on?

    3) Back to question one, when my novel is published can I post links to amazon or other sites where people can purchase it?

    4) Is it at all possible to sell any of my stories, art or other products on my blog, or have a section where people can make donations if they wish? Just as a note, this was not my intention when creating my blog, I am just curious as to what my limitations are.

    5) Finally, the stories I intend to produce do have scenes of violence in them. Is this permitted? I am a writer at heart and love to produce action-adventure stories. I want to share them with you all but do not with to get banned in the process.

    Thank you all for reading and having patience.

    The blog I need help with is



    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. yes
    There is an exception stated here:

    Affiliate marketing blogs: Blogs with the primary purpose of driving traffic to affiliate programs and get-rich-quick schemes (“Make six figures from home!!”, “20 easy steps to top profits!!”, etc). This includes multi-level marketing (MLM) blogs and pyramid schemes. To be clear, people writing their own original book, movie or game reviews and linking them to Amazon, or people linking to their own products on Etsy do NOT fall into this category.

    4. Our free hosted blogs cannot be equipped with shopping carts for ecommerce transactions. On free hosted blog we can use a contact form and/or a PayPal donation button for the sale of only products or services created or provided by ourselves.

    There is no upgrade you can purchase form that changes what I posted above. However, there are no eCommerce restrictions if you hire a web host and set up your own self hosted install.

    5. There is no censorship here. See >


    Thank you very much. This is exactly what I was looking for. Your timely response is much appreciated.



    You’re welcome and best wishes with you blog.

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