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Questions on Blogroll

  1. Is it OK to link blogs on my blogroll without notifying the bloggers? or do we need to work out some agreement or something? I'm planning on adding links to my favorite blogs that are similar to mine(artist's blog) so i'm asking

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Will they know if I linked them?

    Is it Ok to link blogs from other blogsites like blogpsot or tumblr?

  3. You can add links to others and don't need to notify them -

    They will probably not know you have linked to them until someone clicks on the link on your blog and goes to the other site from your site - there are some stats that are supposed to show who is linking in but they seem to be a pile of brown goo - if they are using something like Google Webmaster tools the links MIGHT show up there (there are some links to my site that I know about but the links never show anywhere)

  4. Ok thanks auxclass!

  5. You be welcome and good luck with your site

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