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Questions on pictures

  1. Hi,
    I have several questions regarding pictures. (And I have tried to find forum posts - but failed... ;-)).
    First of all: Is there any limit regarding the space occupied by my blog. Well, I do not plan to load up many pics, but I wouldn't like it if I had to learn in a year or so, that I was out of space...
    Secondly: If (1) happens (or if I want to move to a privately hosted blog), I know that there is an export-option in my dashboard. Will I be able to reconstruct my blog as it was before: e.g. will the images be exported as well? Or how could one achieve this?
    Thrid and fortunately last question: When I upload my images, I sometimes run into trouble regarding the thumbnail function. E.g. if I set to "use original" and drag and drop the image in the textbox, the image size is by default set to a thumbnail-size. I remove this by clearing the size (heigth, width) parameters in the image editing box (Alt+M). And sometimes I have the impression that my thoumbnails are disappearing and are no longer shown on the blog. I so far have not been able to locate the problem. Is that a known issue?
    Well, thanks for your help - and one final statement: I like - you are operating a very fine service!
    Best wishes, Ralf.

  2. if i'm not wrong, thr's 25mb of space for pictures - i've read that somewhere in the forum.

  3. Hey, a semi-related question here. I've been trying to upload an animated gif as a customised header. It can see the whole animation in the cropping stage, but only the first page when I upload it. Any ideas? Can WP read animated gifs at all and, if so, what am I doing wrong?!


  4. cloudsparrow: i noticed you posted this same question in another thread. thr's no need to do so, because eventually someone who can answer your question will only answer in one thread and not two. besides, this thread is about images and pictures in posts, not about headers.

  5. Hey, sorry about that. Was just that the other thread closed. So yeah, wasn't sure if anyone would have read the last one or not.

  6. cloudsparrow: don't apologise, it's not that big a deal really but just to point out. well the latest replies in a thread are always on the top in the forum so you don't have to worry abt being read or not, the regulars will check all threads out. hope podz has managed to solve your problem

  7. Cheers! Fingers crossed.
    (My first day in wordpress - and its a world different than blogger. oh well!)

  8. Blogger is like a pit of hell. Seriously.

  9. Hear! Hear!

  10. so is this how blogging heaven looks like? =P cos i've nvr tried blogger before...

  11. It's like drowning in an ocean screaming for help. And the Blogger staff is on deck with life jackets teasing us while dangling it over our heads as we cry for their help. But they just laugh and giggle at our tourment.

  12. haha, someone obviously has a whopping axe to grind to a certain little blog hosting site... but that doesn't really answer my question - is this the best blog host available on the net currently?

    anyone out thr who has experienced different blog hosts, what do you think?

  13. Sulz, it's a tossup really and it depends on what you're looking for. I came here for the catgories and the ability to choose more than one category at a time which most other blog hosts don't support. Plus my background with WordPress...

  14. I totally and utterly disagree with nosy's statement: It's like drowning in an ocean screaming for help. And the Blogger staff is on deck with life jackets teasing us while dangling it over our heads as we cry for their help. But they just laugh and giggle at our tourment.

    <humour>It's like drowning in an ocean screaming for help and discovering there is no staff on the ship, let alone on the deck, because they are all on the next over ship, along with all the lifejackets they took with them when they abandoned you. Moreover, you notice they're having a prolonged happy hour clinking glasses with "the world's most distinguished bloggers" while they watch your torment from a safe distance. </humour>

    Seriously sulz why don't you spend some time "hanging out" in the forums of other potential places you might be interested in? You might be able to get a "feel" that way without committing yourself. Also why not do searches for blogs on other sites you're interested in and get an over-view of what the templates, etc. are like too?

  15. drmike: i didn't know other bloghosts don't do categories...

    tt: i would if i wasn't too busy blogging and forum-ing with wp! =P besides if you've got stg good, why venture out to see what other fishes can offer?

  16. I was being polite and helpful because it's the WP forum way to be, but I'm glad to hear you're staying cuz I like you little one. :D Anyway if you went to myspace you'd probably have all those young men trying to sign up as your "friends" and driving you nuts with barely literate one liners:P. Here it's not the inane chat that counts - it's the quality blog content that leads to quality comments, right?:)

  17. sulz: It's like a girl. You must see if others can offer anything better =D

  18. sloane: if i look at girls that way that would make me a homosexual... sorry just not wired that way. oh dear, we're seriously digressing.

    and unlike blogging, you can't go back to the same girl if she knows you're scouting elsewhere.

  19. I'll guess you're right :)

  20. Sulz is a girl? *chuckle* Now you know why I'm big on saying "him or her" around here.

    Some other software's do categories. Typepad only does 2 out of the box. Blogger doesn't do any. I forget what Moveable type does. (I only have one of those over here and, since they get support direct from Six, I don't support it much) CMSes only normally do one as well. (ie PHPNuke, Back-end, etc.)

    *chuckle* Probably one of the reasons why spammers like WP so much. :)

  21. Heh, is Sulz a girl!? Oh, that explains a lot..

    ..grr.. why doesn't this forum have profil-pics!? :P

  22. gee is my gender really surprising or of matter? =P sometimes stereotype really helps in determining gender - am such a hopeless newbie in blogging and html i should be anything but male.

    and sloane, if it allows profile pictures, i would DEFINITELY NOT put mine - i don't even reveal my name or where i stay specifically in my blog.

  23. Hehe.. Okay okay.. But yes - It's really surprising..
    I'm just glad of having female company here :D That is always a positiv thing..

  24. sloane - sulz and I are friends and I think her point about stereotyping and profile pictures is an important one. If WP admin does decide to have profile photos and I strongly discourage this then the only photo I would post of myself would be one that could not lead to anyone actually indentifying me. This is why.

    Without profile photos we are able to get to know one another free of the artificial barriers that age, physical appearance, disabilities, race, gender preference and sexuality give rise to. In other words, without pictures we are less inclined to stereotype and more inclined to "listen" to one another.

    This is a support forum and I see the balance between female presence and male presence here and in the blogging community at large as a good thing. Whether or not you're male or female, whether or not you're gay or straight, whether or not you're young or old, whether or not you're of this race or of that race, whether or not you have visible diabilities, and whether you're physically attractive or not, in the forum we all have the potential of becoming friends with one another in a barrier free environment and giving each other a hand up the blogging ladder. And I see that as an excellent thing about WordPress so I hope it never changes. :D

  25. Okay, but I don't really think this is so serious. It's just a blogging forum.. Nobody cares.. Really, are you saying you wouldn't answer my questions if I was ugly/gay or anythink!?..

    And I certainly dont hope anyone is ashamed of her/himself..
    I just think it would make it a bit more personally, and attrackt other users to the forums. Thats possitiv, right?
    And if you don't wanna open yourself it's (if pic's were possible) optional to have a profil-pic or not..
    I personaly like to know who Im talking to...

    Yours sincerely :)

  26. Having just had a discussion with a staff member about these forums, we need to try staying on topic more often around here.

    -dr("Don't make me come down there")mike :)

  27. Okay.. Sorry. I'll try to stay on topics from now..

  28. Thanks. :)

    We have an unoffical forum set up here. It's really for projects of mine but it gets used for other things. :)

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