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Questions to MistyLook, Pytania do motywu MistyLook.

  1. My blog is
    I have questions:
    1.How can I achieve situation that my blog extends in all width of screen like in or ?
    2.How can I achieve situation that my main page displays only begeening of articles, not all articles, like in , there is "read more"/"Czytaj dalej"
    3.How can I see all my comments to other blogs in one place. There is
    but in this place i can see only part of my comment, unordered, with other comments.
    I would like to see ALL my comments, ordered, only my commnents with links to topics, with ability to find my comments 1 year old.

  2. Hi.

    1- Only certain themes offer flexible width, such as Andreas09 (the two blogs you mentioned). Do a search in (filters > Flexible width). With Misty Look, you can probably do it by purchasing the CSS upgrade and knowing the CSS language

    2- Use the "More" tag:

    3- It's limited to one page unfortunately. See here please:

  3. Thanks a lot!
    1.I don't want to pay. But I see that there is "Edit CSS", maybe I can do that here withot purchasing?

    2.super! Thank You

    3.How people disscuss? Somebody said that she only write once. But many people discuss. For example on my blog deep of disscuss is sometimes 7 sentences on each side. Discuss on my blog I control by But I like to discuss on other blogs. How can I control it, where i said something and if somebody replied. Maybe in other place of menus there is something? Actually I keep one separate cards to ech disscuss.
    How do You control this?

  4. 1.I don't want to pay. But I see that there is "Edit CSS", maybe I can do that here withot purchasing?

    This cannot be done free of charge. The CSS upgrade is an annually renewable paid upgrade. What you see is a "preview" function you can use to try before you buy without your visitors seeing any CSS changes.

    3. Are you referring to subscribing to comments? See here > and here >

  5. ~~airodyssey
    sorry I just noticed you were still on the board

  6. @obroncakrzyza: You're welcome from me.

    @timethief: No problem :-)

  7. ~~ airodyssey
    Hope you have a good weekend. I have a fractured foot and am way behind in everything related to blogging. There's no dancing on my agenda and that's for sure. :(

  8. ~~timethief
    Ouch. Get well soon. Write me if you'd like to chat more, I wouldn't want to give the impression we're hijacking this thread ;-)

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