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  1. This is a random question, but I was told to come here. What's the difference between .org and .com? I was kind of kicked off .org.

    Quick Blogcast to Word Press

    I don't really need to transfer the domain names from Godaddy, but I want a new web hosting program.

    I use quick blogcast which isn't very good in my opinion, so I want to try Word Press.

    1. Anyone know the fees associated with transferring three domains?
    2. I have about 130 pages I need to transfer as well. How do I go about this? Should I copy and save all my articles?
    3. How much is it to host 3 blogs with word press?
    4. Any fees I should know about?

  2. Hi there!

    Please see this link for information on and

    Standard blogs are free at We also provide a variety of upgrades depending on your needs:

  3. Thanks for the reply.

    I want to transfer one of my blogs soon to a new hosting company. I need a php login system for my blog. Do you guys have packages for this?

    30 for no ads
    15 for being able to customize my blog

    price for having a community?

  4. There's no edit option.

    75 - so far
    30 for no ads
    15 customization
    30 for private users - misread it thought it was 30 for 35 private users. was kind of confused.

    I don't want to transfer my domain. I just need a new blogging service.

    What do I do at this point?

  5. What are you trying to do with your blog? Did you review the differences between and

    Regarding the domains--that's easy. You don't need to transfer them. We have a upgrade to map existing domains to blogs here at

    If you are looking to customize your blog beyond the CSS (change the PHP/html content for instance) and/or run ads on it, you might indeed be looking for a instance.

    For a list of recommended hosts for instances, please see:

    BTW, please note those upgrade prices you listed for here at are per year and per blog.

  6. Neither of them won't work if I can't run ads on .com.

    Do you have the ability to suggest a blogging service where I can have a community, hosting package, and be able to host my own ads?

    Other wise thanks for the information.

  7. Yes, advertising is not allowed here at + BuddyPress sounds like it might really fit your needs. I'm not sure why they kicked you out (?), but please visit the forums for more information:

    Best of luck!

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