Quick Comparison: WordPress vs Tumblr

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    I don’t know if there’s ever been a discussion about this, but I though I’d post this.

    Recently I left WordPress to try Tumblr, a social blogging community. Basically all of its features were unique and easy to use. Some were following others blogs, via a Dashboard. Posting specific content such as text, links, quotes, etc. And the very features that WordPress fees you, custom CSS, own domain, and extra monthly space. The last was the reblogging feature. This allows you to “reblog” or comment on someone’s blog post in your Dashboard. It then appears as a blockquote on top, with your reply underneath. A good way to keep a conversation!

    Aside from all the features, I’ve tried it out and it worked swell. I’ve made plenty of friends just by following their blogs and vice-versa. I still couldn’t completely leave WordPress, and all the hard work to its development. They’ve already given me the basis for regular blogging and journalism.

    So, now I’m here comparing the two. Both blogs to me look great. One social, the other more personal. I want you to give me some feedback or thoughts about how you feel about Tumblr compared to WordPress.



    I’ve never tried it. I’ve only been at Blogger and then WordPress. Went to Typepad before coming here on their free trial and couldn’t for the life of me figure out their page after page of instructions. So I stayed here.



    Oh. Dear. God.

    We could not possibly disagree more.

    no stats
    no comments
    no widgets
    no blogroll
    zero googlejuice

    That’s the killer: No comments. So much for your conversation; nobody but other Tumblr bloggers will ever connect with what you write. Look around the blogosphere and you’ll see that Tumblr blogs get referred to as a class, but seldom get cited or linked to.



    I think of Tumblr as kind of like AOL in the early days: a gated community.

    And I speak as one with a Tumblr blog myself. If I had to blog from my cellphone, maybe I’d use Tumblr. But I have blogs on Tumblr, WP.com, independent WP, Drupal and Blogger and of them all Tumblr is my least favorite. Because of the way the conversation is so limited it’s primarily narcissistic or cliquey rather than communicative and outreaching. Because it encourages posting information without titles, it’s really BAD for SEO.



    Hi Raincoaster!

    Wow! Ya one bad bad girl condemning Tumblr. ;) Lol~
    Personally, I usually compare WordPress to Sohu (China). In terms of user fun and functions, Sohu tops other blog host. In terms of simplicity of company and search engines, WordPress beats Sohu; well only because for some (perhaps political) reasons that Sohu seemingly disallows search engines to its blogs, including mine.

    I have never tried Tumblr before, but at the moment, I personally vote WordPress as compared to Blogger. Good job.




    @raincoaster: Yeah, SEO was getting to be a big problem. And the lack of comments did hurt, though I hear there are comment codes that you can use in your custom CSS. Take Disqus for example. It manages comments on there site while the widget is on every post. It may not be the most stable, but it works.

    Other than that, I agree with you. It depends on what your taste for blogging is. Still, WordPress is one of the top blogging networks, which does a whole lot of justice in SEO.

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