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quick edit automatically changes publish instantly

  1. I leave all of my posts on the default, Publish Instantly, and I like that.

    When I am looking at my list of All Posts, currently all of them are drafts. When I use Quick Edit to add or edit tags, for example, it automatically sets a publish date (i.e., changes it from Publish Instantly to publish at a particular time).

    It seems to be established that, once the Publish Instantly setting is modified to a particular time, there is no way to restore the default (Publish Instantly). That seems silly enough, but if using the Quick Edit feature has the effect of irretrievably altering the default Publish Instantly, then it seems even sillier that Quick Edit essentially is an unusable feature.

    Noticed it while working on, but I'm pretty sure it's happened to me on my other site too.

    The blog I need help with is

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