Quick Edit broken, Visibility Settings broken, please fix ASAP

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    Thank you for a great product. That said, since the last update I am having a serious functionality problem. I have seen it mentioned on other posts briefly as well but no resolution has been made.

    When in page or post overview, selecting “quick edit” makes the post or page disappear from the overview. You can not edit the quick edit functions.

    Trying to work around this problem, I click on a specific article or page so that I can modify it’s privacy settings (ie public, private, add a password etc) When I select for instance “Password Protected”, no dialog box comes up for the password to be entered, and upon hitting “Ok” the screen resets at a different position vertically to have the visibility section at the top right, but no actual action occurs and you can still not add a password or edit one currently on a page.

    I have tried this in 5 browsers on several pcs with caches completely cleared to no avail. This has to be addressed and soon.

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