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Quick Notification to Other Bloggers

  1. Hi All!

    I was wondering if WP has functions like that of twitter and fb's @mention. I want to notify people who have commented when I reply, and I'm sure I also miss out on replies to my comments on other blogs. I know I can subscribe to comments but that just floods my inbox.

    If there's none yet, I hope WP reads this :D



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello,
    The link below could be what you're looking for:

  3. Oh could be :) But wouldn't it be nicer if you'll get notifications when someone "mentions" you. I think that can boost discussions on WP

  4. I don't know... Here is the Support page:
    My english isn't good enough to go farther, sorry :(
    There is a suggestions forum
    You could try that way, maybe ;)

  5. @heyartist
    See here please for what's available. > Comment Notification Email

    Note that you can simply set up Google Alerts and every time your blog is mentioned or your username is mentioned anywhere on the internet you will receive a notification email.

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