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    Does anyone out there have a guess as to why I’d be getting “Bandwidth Exceeded” images in place of SOME of my Photobucket pix, but not all of them, not even in the same post? I’d think that if those were the images in my cache, all of the images on one post would either be in there or not. Is very strange.

    Also, anybody got a free workaround for that whole “Bandwidth exceeded” thing? I suppose this was a good month hitwise, but I don’t have the cash to upgrade to Photobucket pro. I was thinking of registering a new username and duplicating the images in my last 20-30 posts in that…what say you? Any suggestions would be appreciated.



    This is an example of one such post: for me, the first image doesn’t show, but the bottom one does:



    And for the past 18 hours I’ve been getting a LOT of clicks from http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,18034825 which I can’t actually find on the site; it’s DSL related, so maybe they’re talking about the bandwidth thing, but the pessimist in me wonders if they’ve busted things just to test something. Anybody know how to get to that comment and find out what they’re saying? I can’t even identify which post it’s going to, so I can’t change my images on that post to make the site more robust. Guess I’ll just move all the images on my top posts and my most recent.



    That site has me lost rain. I can’t make heads or tails of it. That URL is bogus and there are so many forums being run there that finding a post with your images or linking you is like finding a needle in a haystack. Can you get a report off photobucket?



    Rain: have you tried renaming your Photobucket pix and editing the links in the post to point to the renamed files? (I’m thinking some tool might have hotlinked to your pic)



    /nod to frosty – agreed

    Dump that nut case’s comment. You know which one I mean – mark it SPAM ASAP. Then pull down the fiddler photos and rename them.



    There are so many posts and threads labeled “No permission to read post” over there, it’s probably hidden.



    Getting rid of that comment won’t bring my pictures back. I don’t think it IS spam: I think the man is simply insane (seen it many a time before). The MacIsaac pix have already been re-hosted at WordPress now, so hopefully that will break any hotlinking nutbar there has done; in my experience they’re not at all systematic and don’t revisit things once they’ve used them, so I doubt he’ll just hotlink to the WordPress-hosted images.

    I have actually several thousand pix at Photobucket, too difficult to find out which are the hotlinked ones (and their support has in the past sucked donkeys, no joy there), so what I’m going to do is change the hosting on every pic on my most popular posts and hope that works. The problem is, some of the original sources for those pix are gone now, and Photobucket could well be the only place they’re hosted, so then I’d be screwed until the 25th, when the bandwidth meter starts over.

    I’ll email the DSL forums to see if they can let me know what’s in the thread or at least the post linking to me. Wish me luck. Thanks for all your help.

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