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  1. At my site ( ) I would like the 'Portfolio' button to link to a different html file rather then another word press page, how would I go about doing this? Or is it possible to change a 'page' link to a clean link? basicly I don't want the '?' and '=' in the url. Also silly question, but how do I get rid of the side bar on the right? I'd rather it plain, or just an archive of the months if possible. All answers much appreciated :)

  2. IThis forum is for free hosted by bloggers. Is your a self-hosted blog? If so the correct forum to post to is

  3. This is a blog and if your questions pertained to it then we would answer you on this forum.

    This is blog and as it runs on different software we cannot help you on this forum. You need to go to and post about it there.

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