Quick Question Please:wordpress.com vs wordpress.org css customization upgrade

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    I am very new to wordpress–currently the blog I am working on has been uploaded to my
    own server, using wordpress.org options so I can host it under my own domain name.
    Here is my question: Would paying for the upgrade on a “prototype blog” here be helpful s
    to configure my css style sheets and then import them into my style sheets on my server?
    I am not sure if that will work or not.. basically I am using the wordpress.org templates and es and trying to customize, tweak them but I am very new and need a simple way to
    advance quickly

    Thank you!



    Not really. The only thing you could do with them is copy them over. Would just mean an extra step of doing them here, and copying them over to your own server space.

    Plus then all of the themes have been modifed by staff before they were installed. Might mean whatever CSS you have here might not work on the same theme hosted elsewhere.



    Thanks so much– that’s what I needed to know!

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