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    I have a quick question I am not sure if this is the correct place to put this but I will give it a shot.

    First I been thinking about getting my blog hosted, if I do so does it automaticly change to the hosted version or do I have to do a lot of stuff?

    Second does anybody know the best place for hosting that is fairly cheap?



    (1) I’m pretty sure I have read a couple of forum threads on switching from wordpress.com free blogs to a hosted wordpress version in the last week or so. Perhaps you should check also in the FAQ.

    (2) I’m also sure that in these threads or others in the last week or so it was pointed out that there is quite a large selection of very modestly priced webhostings services for $6 per month and even less, if my memory is correct. Perhaps a web search will turn up something for you.



    Don’t believe in the advertising when they say pay just $10.00 a month and start hosting your own site in minutes. Yeah right. I didn’t know I had to be a computer genius to host my own site. I always thought that we pay the monthly fee and just blog the way we do now and they take care of the rest. HA!


    Funny you should ask: Webmonkey has a new tutorial on WordPress. How hard it is depends on (a) the quality of your web host and (b) your technical know how. You can always make up for deficiencies in one with more of the other.


    ahhhh it seems very confusing. I heard that go daddy was the most easy one.



    GoDaddy has some rather strange rules. (If someone sends out a spam faking your domain or account, (otherwise known as a joejob) it’s still your fault and you lose your account unless you pay them money. example) They have policies in place that violate a number of RFCs, the “rules” of the internet. The owner is also a stuck up little prick who thinks everyone should bow down to him. I would not recommend them.

    Podz offers hosting. :)



    Yes, keep away from GoDaddy. I have a couple of domains registered with them and their customer ‘service’ is nonexistent.

    There are various cheap hosts out there offering one-click wordpress installs, but before making the jump it’s a good idea to bear in mind that a) the cheaper the host, the more laughable their concept of support is going to be, and b) even if the initial install is done for you, you’ll have to upgrade it yourself when the next security release comes out, that is to say every couple of months.



    even if the initial install is done for you, you’ll have to upgrade it yourself when the next security release comes out, that is to say every couple of months.

    Um, not every host is like that. :) My company does the upgrades usually within three days after the release.

    Also CPanel’s and Direct Admin’s autoinstallers will also do upgrades but it’s usually a few months behind (DA is still on 2.0.1) and you do have to run it yourself. It won’t do it automatically.

    You would have to install any themes or plugins that weren’t installed by the autoinstaller or your service though.


    I was actially going to do go daddy cause it is only $4 a month, but i dont know now. Podz have hosting? how do I get that? Dr Mike you have hosting? The problem is, I can not affored over $4 a month, so I might be stuck with go daddy. I am trying to do something like this http://www.redsoxblog.com to my Patriots site. (not trying to spam)



    I offer hosting but I’ve got to admit that I’m out of your price range. I’m also over my authorized customer count with the company I contract out my support to.

    I’ll leave it up to Podz to contact you if he wants to.


    hope he does, I probley will be stuck with go daddy though.



    drmike, do you also offer: YOU take care of all the technical problems while I do what I’m doing now? :)



    Ok my quick question. Couldn’t find a spot for it so I picked this one.:)
    I have my blog setup so that you have to be a WebPress member to post a comment. My concern is that a non-member may not post cuz they don’t know how to get a membership. I saw a blog on here that had an option to sign up for membership. It was located at every spot where you could post a comment. I had the link to it but lost it. :( So I cant give you an example, sorry.

    So my question is how do I add an option to get a webpress account at every place you post a comment?



    Guess I can’t edit my post oh well………..Just wanted to show an example of blog that had an option to join webpress http://blogreview.wordpress.com/2006/06/01/life-down-underleens-haven/#respond
    Would really like to know how to do something like this doesn’t have to be exactly like that but that is function that I would like to have availible for my viewers.

    P.S. Its at the bottom of the page.



    I believe the designer (see: Binary Moon) chose to include this in the Regulus theme. As we can’t at this point in time alter our theme templates then as you’re not using Regulus this may not be available to you. However, you could specify your theme what your them is and ask for it to be added as a feature.



    Bluefusion: Best method would be to add a text widget explainint that you need a WP.com account to make a comment and provide them a link to the signup page on WP.com.

    2- Some of the themes have this written in their footers. It’s pretty much a tossup as how it’s done. I think most say something like “Hosted with WordPress” with a link back to WP.com. Another reason I would love to see a footer text widget. :)

    nosysnoop, while this is outside of what we should be discussing here, any good host will usually offer assistance with the technical side of scripts. Doing debugging the like would be outside of their service though.



    A footer text widget would be fantastic. I’ve been trying to add the Newsgator rating link for each entry, but the code is Javascript which is not allowed.

    I decided I would try adding just the relevant links as a normal text link in the sidebar to rate the blog overall, but it prompts the visitor to download the .js file.

    A rating or feedback system would really help sort the great blogs from the not so great.



    Hi there – I do appreciate where your coming from re: the footer widget and I support this concept but on which templates? I mean to say you can’t be suggesting that for all of them can you as some themes have yet to be “widegtized” at all.

    I also see difficulty with designing a rating feedback system for blog templates that would have any integrity when it comes to decision making. So many folks have so many very different needs and uses for their blogs.

    Personal example: I don’t cotton to Ambiru at all – huge header – no widgets – I mean zip, nada appeal at this end coming from moi. I like headers but I’m more heavily into TEXT content and all that header space to me is like WOAH! a huge waste od space.

    I use lots of text widegts basically as sideblog short news article substitutes, as we have no templates with sideblog capacity.Ambiru does zip, nada, zilch for me without or without footer widgets.

    However, photo bloggers, family and baby bloggers, cartoonists, etc. who have pictoral content as opposed to text, and lots of pictures to post love it. Others have indicated they think the huge header would be a perfect location for their youtube video and music thingees.

    Do you see what I mean? In order to have a rating system of feedback on each blog template there would be multiple factors that come into play at the end of the party doing the rating that you and I may not have even dreamed of.

    Not small among these would be specific answers by all the bloggers doing the ratings to a series of questions defining what exact purposes they intend to use the blog for and exactly which “thingees” they intend or deisre to utilize.

    I think a better way to go for you is to carefully analyze your own needs, clearly articulate them in point form, post them on the forum to ascertain if others have the same or similar needs, and then send in a joint feedback request.




    TT, the widgets are fairly easy to declair once they’re in there. If you’re adding in a location that allows widgets, it’s just an edit in one file to add one to the number of widgets locations available. The pain is that some of these themes are a pain to add in widgets because sidebars, where widgets normally go, are not set to any standard method and some are rather bizarrly setup. (Regulus is a perfect example where you have those two columns set inside of one.)

    Podz and I discussed setting up a theme site where one could see all of the themes in action and/ or get a review of what features are present but it appears to me that the concensious is that staff would rather have folsk here explore the themes themselves instead of just looking at a features guide. Plus, all of the themes have probably been modified to some extent by know by staff members. I know when I ran my MU site, I was hacking away at them. :)




    Understood. Tx.

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