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Quickpress New Paragraph

  1. berlinsianipar

    I don't know if this the right place to ask or not, but I'd complain a little annoying thing in adding new post using Quickpress. Usually in Add New Post full editor, when we type and press Enter we will have a double line space before a new paragraph begin. But in Quickpress, when pressing Enter will only give us a new line, usual new line without double line space to mark the begin of a new paragraph. It's a little thing but I don't like it. I prefer to use full editor rather than Quickpress. I only use Quickpress to post a short one paragraph post.

    Thanks for your attention, and I'm sorry for my bad English. Never use English as spoke languange anymore since 9 years ago :) Sowry... Thanks WP!

  2. Quickpress is an plain text HTML editor, not a full rich text editor like the main visual editor. That is why you do not get the extra line. Just press return/enter twice and it should give you a blank link between paragraphs. It does for me.

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