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    What is it called and how do I change it? When I switched from Quentin, there is now a thing at the top on the left side with old posts. How do I make it go away?


    The blog I need help with is wendyusuallywanders.wordpress.com.



    All of those links are to Static pages they are not to posts. Please read this so you know the differences between pages and posts. In order to provide access to them and also to remove them from the top of your blog you have to create a “blank” custom menu that you include nothing in. Then you need to install the pages widget in your sidebar.

    Go to Appearance > Menu, create, name and save a blank custom menu and the in the theme location module at upper left, select that blank custom menu from the primary location pulldown and then click save. Note that you might have to force refresh your blog page to see that the menu is gone.


    Thank you!!!!! :-) It took me hours, but I finally figured out what you were telling me. I need a younger, smarter brain….



    Yay! You did this. Good for you – the sky’s the limit now.
    P.S. You’re welcome and happy blogging! :)

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