Quintus vs Quentin; Does Quentin Need to Die?

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    you… you killed quentin!? why did you kill quentin? quentin was the ONLY theme on wordpress.com that had a medieval/fantasy/book flavor going on. now, yes, quintus has some improvements — a modern width, for one. and supporting the new post formats and all. but it has the new ‘clean, smooth, glossy magazine’ look that most of the other themes have these days. why can’t we keep the ‘dusty old book’ quentin as well?

    quentin: http://theme.wordpress.com/retired/quentin/

    quintus: http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/quintus/

    now, i presume with a custom background image, and a custom header image, one can recreate the quentin gradated parchment look. and possibly re-incorporate the header with the page. but can that ugly bar be gotten rid of? the thing between the header and the page?

    also, can the vertical line between the main column and the sidebar be restored?

    everything else for the change to quintus is lovely. (well, i’m not very partial to the ’round sticker’ date things, but that’s not a real biggie.) it’s just these few things that make quentin more preferable, to my mind’s eye. and no, i don’t use quentin, but that’s only because it doesn’t have two sidebars.

    if the update had two sidebars and just stretched the horizontal size of quentin, i’d be all over it.

    ps: timethief the “blog you need help with” is “None, this is a topic about using WordPress.com”



    Quentin didn’t go away completely, we’ve just retired it in favor of Quintus for new blogs. You can use Quentin as long as you wish on older blogs.



    Okay, if anybody cares…

    I made a blog with Quintus to see how close to Quentin I could make it. You can preview it, and download the images I made for it here:



    Ooh, bloodsong, I am interested and will have a look! I always loved Quentin too because of its antique/medieval fantasy feel. I also liked its large easy-to-read text (great for weak eyes!). Haven’t used it in some while, but I am still a fan. So, nooooo, Theme Wranglers, don’t kill it! Long live Quentin!


    Yes….I see similarities to Quentin and I for one appreciate the hard work you put into your Quintus blog. I like it and give it thumbs-up, even though it’s kinda sad if we don’t have the option to pick the original Quentin up on Themes anymore…

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